Friday, May 27, 2011

Texas Gulf Shrimp CHEAP!

An early morning riser today with seven stops to make getting ready for the holiday weekend. The second stop was J. Gumbo's for a breakfast of Eggs Pontchartrain, a hearty meal based on shrimp etouffee over an English muffin topped with poached eggs. As if that weren't enough, home fries fill the plate. Just the kinda breakfast for an unseasonably cold May day! Only there were no shrimp; other meat had taken the place of shrimp. The chef informed me that the last time they had shrimp from the gulf it "smelled like oil." No wonder I saw a sign at a local grocery store, 'Texas Gulf Shrimp CHEAP!"
The thing about being an early morning riser (think Pure Prairie League-, is that I no longer stay up late enough to listen to my favorite radio program, Coast to Coast AM ( Last night Linda Moulton Howe was the guest. She has an award winning website, Check out the report, Gulf Fishermen Finding Sick Fish, Few Crabs and Shrimp, at: Be sure to also read what the government controlled propaganda infotainment channels do not want you to know, Where is Plutonium-MOX Nuclear Reactor Fuel
Ejected from Fukushima Unit 3? at:
Where is Rachel Carson when we need her? Today is her birthday. This is from one of the websites I surf every day, Garrison Keillor's THE WRITER'S ALMANAC. (
"Her 1962 book Silent Spring, first serialized in The New Yorker, brought her a lot of attention, both positive and negative. Its subject was environmental pollution and its effects on plants and animals, and she particularly spoke out against indiscriminate pesticide abuse. She got the expected support from environmental and conservation groups, but the chemical companies, supported by the Agriculture Department, threatened her with lawsuits before the book was even published. They tried smear tactics, calling her a "hysterical woman" who was unqualified to write about the subject. Eventually, though, the book led to the banning of DDT, the beginning of a grassroots environmental movement, and the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency. She still has her critics, though; the conservative magazine Human Events gave Silent Spring an honorable mention on their list of "Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries" and she has been blamed for millions of malaria deaths worldwide, even though she herself never advocated a wholesale ban on DDT. She died of breast and liver cancer in the spring of 1964."
I am afraid to report that we humans have so polluted our planet that we are doomed. DOOMED!

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