Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So there I was last night in bed awaiting nod heaven, but it would just not come...My mind was racing as I wondered if anyone genuinely gives a crap about what I think. It was then I thought of an old song by the group Chicago-"Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?" Does anyone really care?, I thought.
I contemplating discontinuing the BaconLOG when another song popped in my head-"Just Give Me Some Kind of Sign" by Brenton Woods.
Everyone has thoughts; not everyone writes them for anyone in the world to share. The conservatives in this country want to balance the budget without asking the most wealthy, the ones who have made out like bandits during the Bushwhacking years, to pay an increased tax. They would prefer to cut the amount of money going to the most needy, the ones who can least afford the reduction. The conservatives in Great Britain did just that, and look at the result. Turn on the tube and watch the BBC World News; or turn on your radio and listen to the carnage. Issac Newton is being proven correct. The battle of ideas was won, and someone has lost.
I went to my BaconLOG page and noticed a fourth comment had been left on my post of August 8, 2102 US Open Weekend. The next day, August 9, 2011 at 3:57 PM, Anonymous said...
"is there anyone who really, GENUINELY, gives a crap what Mike Bacon thinks about ANYTHING?"

In the last month, 887 people from dozens of countries have viewed the BaconLOG, yet very few take the time and go to the trouble to leave a comment, especially one asking a genuinely existential question such as this. "There it is!", I thought. "The sign for which I was looking."
Thank you, anonymous one, for taking the time to not only ask the question, but to write it down and put in cyberspace. Now I KNOW there is ONE person out there! And if you can reach one person, you can reach the world!

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Bravo, Bacon!