Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Results Are In

Annual Chess Journalists of America Awards: Winners are in (
The BaconLOG did not win, I am sad to report...
The winners are: Best Chess Blog Award
Broken Pawn
By Robert Keating

Best Chess Blog Runner-up
By Anton Taylor

There is, as of this writing, one comment to the article, which I give in full: Post: #221059 by HankAnzis on Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:12 pm

Broken Pawn is written by Hank Anzis
...losing my 15 minutes of fame...

Poor Hank...This is to let you know that I will spend some time reading your award winning blog, sir! So many blogs-so little time...

One of the things I like about these awards is that I am introduced to new writers and articles. The winner of CJA Best Historical Article Award
is: A Forgotten Chess Tale: Hapley's Project
By Yasser Seirawan
appeared in Northwest Chess (November 2010)

So I went to the Northwest Chess website in order to print out the winning article only to find this: November
NWC_201011_opt.pdf (All pages except Seirawan story)
Cover photo:
Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan by Jeroen van den Belt

That's right, you can print out everything BUT the award winning article by GM Seirawan! Go figure...

Congratulations to Mark Taylor, editor of the still AWARD WINNING GEORGIA CHESS MAGAZINE!
CJA Best State Magazine/Newsletter Award
Georgia Chess
edited by Mark N. Taylor

CJA Best State Magazine/Newsletter Co-Runner-up
Chess Horizons
edited by Robert D. Messenger

CJA Best State Magazine/Newsletter Co-Runner-up
Northwest Chess
edited by Ralph Dubisch


Anonymous said...

You did not expect to win, did you?

BaconLOG said...

"If nominated, I will not accept!"
Seriously, I received this from Mark Taylor, Editor of the award winning Georgia Chess magazine, and also editor of the Chess Journalists of America publication: "All candidates in the CJA Awards must be self-nominated. That's why they did not include your blog. I feel the awards still suffer from lack of sufficient representation. It's always been a problem. Things are improving, but slowly, slowly."

Anonymous said...

this guy could only hope to win "most insane chess blog"