Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Impenetrable Wall of Manliness

To the anonymous person who left the the comment I would like to say that one does not get to be old by being a fool, you JACKWAD! How about being man enough to let yourself be known, my new 'frenemy'!
I will admit that you are right, sir. Having a life and other things to do, I was in 'time pressure' while writing the post. I realized it was wrong, but, being 'old', I could not pull the correct term outta the morass that is now my brain. I figured 'most people' would know what I meant. I could have gone back today and changed it, but why spend the time? I don't get paid for this; I do it for pleasure, and enjoy the feedback, usually.
That said, I have received an email from my ol' Bud, the Ironman. He writes, "I remember that I called the barrier The Impenetrable Wall of Manliness."
What can I say? It's tuff on the road. I'm just thankful I was not the one trapped in the woods with the Ironman as night began to fall, realizing I may hafta 'spoon' the Ironman that night in order to stay warm enough to survive! We have been friends for many decades now and I guess we woulda done 'whatever it takes' to come outta the woods alive just as the Ironman and Ott-Job did whatever it took to keep the wolves at bay.
Tim 'The Dude' Bond, formally known as the Rainbow Warrior until he let it be know that he never liked that moniker hung on him by the Ironman because he thought it had connotations of, shall we say to be PC, unmanliness. Which reminds me of the NM who changed his name from Dana to Kyle for what I heard were similar reasons. We thought that if he were going to change his name to a more manly name, then maybe he shoulda chosen 'Butch', or some such. The Dude used to say that the basis of friendship is "Mutual interests, mutual respect."
I can't help but wonder where GM Rowson came up with the word 'bromance'? I have never heard it before. Have you? I can't help thinking that, if a man and a woman have a 'romance' then a 'bromance' would be a romance between two happy men.
Imagine if, at the conclusion of the all time great movie Casablanca, after Captain Renault had said, "Major Strasser has been shot..... Round up the usual suspects", Rick had said, "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful bromance." Why, it coulda altered history!

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