Friday, January 7, 2011

No Credit For A Draw?

Checking out the new issue of the new Chess Life, I learned the pooh-bahs, in their wisdom, have come up with something called 'Victory Points'. These points seem to be based on Master Points from the game of Bridge in that, once earned, they cannot be taken away. But where have I encountered the word 'Victory'? Racking my brain, I came to realize it must be from World War II (no, I was not even born until after the war ended) and the Victory War Bonds.
It is written, "It will reward not only activity and success, but also aggressive play (no credit will be awarded for draws)."
Why will no credit be given for a draw? Draws are part of the game, are they not? Although I have only beaten a dozen Masters, being an underdog in each and every game, I have drawn with many times that number, including a draw in what is now considered to be a 'classical' time limit game with an IM! You mean to tell me that deserves "no credit"?!
There is no distinction made for a win with Black; one receives the same "credit" if one wins with White.
You can find the gory details at: That is, only if you are a member. Since I am NOT a member, I will await someone kind enough to send me the particulars after reading. Until then, I will be ROTFLOL!

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