Sunday, February 6, 2011

Frank Brady is an Idiot

I purchased the new book by Frank Brady, Endgame: Bobby Fischer's Remarkable Rise and Fall - from America's Brightest Prodigy to the Edge of Madness, a few days ago, intending on reading it immediately. Unfortunately, I noticed a link on the USCF website, Dr. Frank Brady on Bobby Fischer, and clicked on it to find a page by Crown Publishing Group with sound clips of Dr Brady talking about Bobby, and have not been able to begin the book because every time I try, I think of what I heard on clip #2. I simply could not believe my ears when I heard Brady admit that, while in Reykjavik for the world championship match in 1972, in order to see Bobby play game three, the game moved into a small room at Bobby's request for PRIVACY, he crawled through an air conditioning duct to spy on Bobby!
The first thought that came to my mind was, "What an idiot!" Not because he did something so stupid, but because he has told the world about the stupid thing he did so long ago. Brady says he is a large man. What if the duct had given way under his weight and come crashing down? Bobby would, most probably, have been so spooked that he would have left immediately, and all we would have from the match would be the lost first game, and a truncated third game. Hell, a good FART from the Doctor could have done it! What the hell was the man thinking? It was people who would do idiotic things such as this that made Bobby paranoid.
You can listen to the man admit what a fool he was for yourself @

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