Sunday, June 26, 2011

Old Dominion Senior

There was a three-way tie for first in the 2011 Virginia Senior. From the website of the Chess Federation of the Great State of Virginia (
The new Senior Champion for the Commonwealth of Virginia is William Marcelino. With three players tied at 3 ½ tie, the title was won on tiebreaks over Tim Hamilton. Wayne Christensen from South Carolina also finished with 3 ½ points.
A few less people participated, 38, than last year 44, but it was within prediction and everyone seemed to have a good time. The Lincolnia Senior Center site provides a well-lit and quiet environment for some quality chess.

Check it out and you will find sixteen games to replay. While there be sure to click on 'VCF Newsletters' where you will find them going back to 1998!
This was a four round OPEN tournament with a decent time limit of 30/90 followed by G/60. As I have written, I would prefer the first time control to be at move 40, even if that means a time control of 40/90. The Legendary Georgia Ironman agrees with me on this. It just seems that, from experience, most games are decided by move 40. Two games of serious chess is enough, maybe more than enough, for Seniors. This looks like a good tournament. I am sorry to say that I was unaware of it; not that I would've played because I've had problems with my car recently. Although it's running again, I do not think I would have made the trip due to the increase in the cost of petrol.
I see there are 36 players participating in Bill Goichberg's weird 2011 World Open Senior Amateur. I am surprised that many came to play. I say that because it is open to those rated under 2010! That's right, if you are rated 2010, or higher, tuff... As I have written, I am completely opposed to excluding any Senior from any tournament.

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Anonymous said...

Since it is the year of our Lord 2011, it does seem Bill would have allowed all seniors rated under 2012 to play.