Thursday, June 9, 2011


I have been down with a health problem. Then the 'puter went and when I tried to go to the library to get on the 'puter there, the car conked! I have spent my time reading and watching. At first I kinda missed the internet, but then actually enjoyed NOT spending time on the 'puter. Yesterday I watched two movies that I had not seen by one my favorite actors. 'The Two Mrs. Carrolls' with Humphrey Bogart and my mother's favorite actress, Barbara Stanwyck. Then came 'Conflict' with Alexis Smith, who was also in the former movie. They were on TCM and I noticed that Alexis was in another movie later with another of my favorite actors, Paul Newman. Ok, if I had to chose, I would hafta go with Humphrey because he played chess! I read a biography of him once and was disappointed in how little mention his chess playing was given. I read 'Duchamp: A Biography' by Calvin Tomkins in order to better understand why Duchamp turned his attention to the Royal game, finding chess given little mention. I recently purchased 'Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess' by Francis M. Naumann, Bradley Bailey and Jennifer Shahade from my friends at the St Louis Chess Club and have begun to read it this week.
Last night I had a choice of watching the Red Sox play the Damn Yankees, or the NHL finals. The baseball game is between American League teams and therefore use the Dreaded Hitter, so I decided against watching. As I contemplated watching the hockey game, I recalled what the sage Rodney Dangerfield said about the time he went to a fight and a hockey game broke out, so I flipped back to TCM and watched a wonderful documentary on Dave Brubeck, followed by the movie Thelonious Monk: 'Straight, No Chaser'. With films like this, who needs the internet?

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