Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chess & Baseball

The question of the month on the US Chess Trust website is: Where Do You Place Fischer On The List of Greatest Players Ever?
The President of the US Chess Trust, Jim Eade answers the question by writing, "Just for my own amusement, I tried to think about which baseball pitcher I would pair with which player..."
Guess which former MLB pitcher Jim pairs with Bobby?
He also writes: "I, personally, rate Karpov just a bit above Fischer." When you stop laughing, consider which former pitcher Mr. Eade thinks of as a baseball version of Karpov.
The one that made me laugh out loud while rolling on the floor (Bet you didn't think an old(er) guy like me could tweet, now did you? Are you now LOLROTF?!) was the former chess player he pairs with Gary Kasparov. Come to think of it, Jim may have something, there...

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