Monday, July 25, 2011

Revolutionary Proposal For Chess: Free The Pawns!

Reading the latest from the fantastic website of GM Kevin Spraggett caused me to have an epiphany. His entry is titled: Capablanca on why he lost the world title. (
Kevin has been reading Chess Notes by Edward Winter, #7134 Capablanca explains his defeat by Alekhine. (
Herman Helms asks the former World Champ, ‘’What modification would you suggest?’’
Capa answers,
‘’The board can be changed so as to encompass 100 squares instead of 64. Ofcourse, that would mean the addition of two more pieces and two pawns on each side.’’
It may come to that in the future, but I will not be around to see it. I do, though, have a radical, revolutionary proposal to change the game of chess. It will include no extra pieces, or squares, leaving the game pretty much as it is. But it will radically change the game.
I propose we FREE THE PAWNS! I once heard the Legendary Georgia Ironman say, while giving a lesson at the House of Pain, "I never retreat. I only advance to the rear!"
What better way of advancing to the rear, when necessary, than allowing the pawns to move BACKWARD!

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Anonymous said...

This is a novel idea. Opening theory would be burned like a book! I would like to make one suggestion. I am sure you are aware of the rule of Ko in Wei Chi, or Go in America. But for your readers it is: Players are not allowed to make a move that returns the game to a previous position. There can, therefore, be no stalemate. Maybe there needs to be a rule whereby the pawn that has just moved has to hold its position for one move before being allowed to retreat.