Sunday, August 24, 2008

At the Turn

After 3 rounds at the ACCC, the Victor Korchnoi of Southern Chess, Klaus Pohl has a half point lead after winning all his games. He continues to amaze. The Stud and Longshot Larry are a half point behind, as Damir beat Hartley Chiang, while Longshot came down and actually wrote down the result as a loss for himself, telling the House that he would withdraw after his opponent, Chris Wiley, played the winning move. When Mr Wiley did not make the killer move, a Longshot came in, as Larry went on to win the game!
In the U1800 section, Pinky Peatman took out top-seed John Lewis to move to 3-0. Brennen Bukovics beat the :Loose Cannon", Richard De Credico and is a half point behind. Lewis Byrne (1577) beat Reece Thompson (1413), while Christopher "Robin" Roberts (Thinking of the HOF pitcher), beat the zombie, James Stack, both moving to 2-1.
The zombie Thomas Gilbreath beat Gary Mathew Loveless to move to 2 1/2 along with Alexander Foster (1053). Keith Sewell (1065) beat Tim Staley (1002) and Erick Lorinc left Robert Rieves (1272) doing the goose egg shuffle, with both moving to 2-1.

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