Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's as clear as Black and White

I just checked the pairings for the last round of the US Open to find our House horse paired with Andrew Whatley (2326). I've no idea which player has what color...How hard would it be to put that information on the website? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!
Why is it that one never knows which color a player has had after the round? Why is that information not de rigueur?
Why does not every rated chess player have two different ratings; one with White and the other as Black?
This information is provided at other tournaments and at other sites. Why then is it NOT provided by the USCF?!


Anonymous said...

this ws by FAR the weakest USOPen EVER.

Polly said...

Did you look at the pairing from the standings chart or pairing chart? On the standing chart it showed result and opponent's pairing number. For a pending result it would have the abreviation of adj and the pairing #.

The pairing chart had the players listed in two columns. I doubt I need to explain how to determine what color one is, by looking at the pairings. :-) Unless you're a 5 year old with a very good vocabulary and an unusually high rating.