Friday, August 1, 2008

Quad and a half

Thursday night Damir won the quad 3-0, as he hit the Pipe in the last round. James Stack had to leave the House early to go to work, so both he and the Zim man finished winless. There were only two players for the second quad, so Bob Bassett and Woody squared off in a three game G/20 match, which was won by the ol' veteran, as he won both games with White, drawing the one he had with the Black pieces.
Tonight ten players came for the G/10. The Stud, on his way to Texas tomorrow as the Denker representative, decided to "warm-up" by getting in a little speed action. Who needs rest when one is young and...full of energy. Damir beat the next highest rated player, Joe Moon, in rd 3 to go 3-0, but stumbled with a draw with Steve Csukas in the next round and got hit with the Pipe in rd 5, allowing Joe to run the table, to finish 6-1 and win the top prize of $24! Damir finished a half point behind. Csukas and Piper finished at 4 1/2-2 1/2. Ben Moon and Zimmy finished 4-3, with Zimmy taking the under prize of $18.
Damir has decided to focus on the Denker HS championship first and then play in the 5-day flight of the US Open. We wish him all the fortune out there on the range!
G/45 tomorrow!

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