Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Georgia Senior at the House

GCA secretary of the board Rich Mielke informs that the 2008 Georgia Senior will be held the weekend of September 27-28 at the House of Pain! We Seniors have taken so much pain in our long lives, what is a little more?!
No word on the format, as yet. I do hope the GCA board has listened to the people and made needed changes to the format of previous years. Since we are Seniors, we should not be forced to adapt to the constraints of the same format used for children. From the Seniors with whom I've talked, the major thing is to NOT play at night! Another would be for two hours between rounds, enough time to go over the game just played, get something to eat, and actually have it begin to digest! Two five hour games in one day is just too long. After all, if one goes to a job, he works four hours, gets a lunch break, and then works another four hours. Why should a Senior have to strain to concentrate for ten hours? There are major health related issues here, it would seem.
I will keep you posted...

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