Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer Cold

Have not blogged for awhile because I've had a summer cold, brought on, no doubt, by the lower 60 temps here at the House. Had to work Wed & Thur evenings and it was a veritable frozen tundra in the main room. Although I turned off the fan, and, later, put on long pants and socks, it must not have been soon enough. Keith is here to TD the scholastic tournament this afternoon. I noticed he was wearing shorts when he came in. Later on, upstairs, after I'd showered, I asked him to check the temp on the thermostate, since I did not have my glasses, and he said, "It's not that cold up here." So I told him I noticed he came in with shorts on, but had changed to long jeans! He grinned, saying, "I didn't say it wasn't cold down there!" He said the thermometer showed 68 degrees. Since heat rises, it's gotta be at least five degrees colder downstairs, and my body simply cannot tolerate it. It's been this way since the day before the PSO. I have an aversion to walking around in long pants, with a long sleeved shirt, when it's 90+ outside. Something about that scenario seems "freakish." It's Tee-shirt, shorts and sandals weather!
Whatever I had seemed to break last night, as I had to change the wet clothes in the middle of the night, and as soon as I got up this morning did the same thing. I loathe and detest having a, and being, Cold in the Summer!
There were only six players for the G/10 Friday night. David Vest and the good doctor, Orlando Cano, tied for first at 5-2. A half point back were Steve Csukas and Justin Swaby, who is obviously capable of swimming with the sharks! Woody and Michael Coney rounded out the field.
Yesterday (Sat) Norm came by, leaving at 4:30 and a mother with her two sons came in four hours later. That was it. All the players must be at the LPO, though I've not received a report.

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Anonymous said...

Colds are viral and have nothing at all to do with temperature shifts or precipitation.