Friday, July 18, 2008

Peach State Open

There was a small turn-out for the Peach State Open, enhanced by the "next generation" from Tennessee, along with a friend from Kentucky. I say "next generation" because I asked about my friends Jerry 'The Nashville Strangler' Wheeler, Ron 'Burned-out' Burnett, and 'Big Head' Todd Andrews, and was greeted with, "Ah, the OLD generation." I told them that if they were bigger and stronger than the old(er) generation, it was only because they stood on their shoulders. "Without a doubt," said one.
One of the next generation, Charles McMillan (2059), had the High Plains Drifter down two pawns at one point, but Mr Vest managed to draw the game. On the second board, Frank Ashmun (1999) split the point after a hard fought game, with another member of the next generation, Alexander B King (2072). Now that's a name for a chess player! The other member of TNG, Justin Arnold (1910) got the full point bye, but didn't just sit around waiting. He was nice enough to play as a filler in the U1400 section, winning from Themiya Dias Chandraratna (761).
Dusan Lugonja was the only player to show for the U2000 section, and, therefore, begins the second round 1-0.
Two players played in the U1800 section, with Carter 'Pinky' Peatman (1540) winning with black versus Brennen Bukovics (1616).
Ron Benel (1504), playing black, beat Yuily Khanin (1345) in the U1600, and Michael Nichols (1457) beat Robert Steen (1302). Augusto Garcia got the full point bye.
In the U1400 section, Riley Lane (1143) won from Kevin Jian Zhang (914), and Jason Robinson (913) drew with Raymond Shan Zhang (1049).
We have over 20 more players signed up for the first round Sat morning at 10:30. There's still time to enter!
The chess center was paid a visit by former State Champ, Xiao Cheng tonight! It has been a long time since I've seen him, and he looks much different; all grown-up! He plans to attend UGA in the fall, and has been taking some time off from chess, but working on his game.
Alan Piper came for the usual Friday night speed tournament, unaware of the PSO, as did his usual sparring partner, Steve Csukas, and they battled all evening. With The Stud and Zimmy, who plan on playing round one in the morning, David Sawyer and his entourage in the House, there were enough for a speed tournament! Actually, the turn-out for the PSO is about average for the Friday night speed kills tournament...
Bob Peatman chose to play father this weekend in lieu of playing chess and he sat and read this blog, all of it! He's excited to learn that I hope to have a Go night at the House in the fall, as he played in college and would like his sons exposed to the ancient game of Go! If you, or anyone you know, has any interest in playing Go, let me know!

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