Friday, July 4, 2008

Zombie Chess

Well let me tell you 'bout the way she looked/The way she'd act and the color of her hair/Her voice was soft and cool/Her eyes were clear and bright/But she's not there

Ah yes, the ZOMBIES, from their best selling song, SHE'S NOT THERE...
The definition of a zombie, according to the High Plains Drifter, is a chess player who re-enters a tournament. The player has been "killed" yet is brought back to life, like a zombie!
If it's true that there are other time lines, or alternate universes, and that ALL possibilities are "played out", then it could be possible that at the battle of Gettysberg, each and every time a Confederate soldier took a ball to the gut, he turned into a zombie and CAME BACK TO LIFE! And in this alternate time-line, the Yankees were so frightened they dropped their rifles, then turned and ran. In this universe, the South won! There was a Twilight Zone marathon today, Mr Spinks tells me...
Some of the players from Georgia have turned into zombies and come back to life. Kazim Gulamali was "killed" in the open section. He then became a zombie in the U2400 section and scored 3 1/2 pts in the five game a day schedule. Damir Studen Zombie came back to score 3 outta 4 in the U2200 section 5 day. At this writing the last round in that section has not been posted...Justin Howle Zombie scored 3 1/2 in the U2000 section after winning one outta three before his "death." Unfortunately, becoming a zombie does not always work. A prime example is Richard "Frisco Kid" Francisco ("Ahhhhh Frisco"...."Ahhhhh Pancho!"), who could manage only 1 1/2 in the 5 day.
By the way, for you regulars readers, if you recall the post about Gary Bailey, who came by the center on his way to the WO, it was at Foxwoods in 2002, not 03, that he gave me a ride back south...And that was not the last time I crossed paths with him; that would be at the Edward Levy Memorial in Denver that same year. After not playing in almost two years, Gary has scored 3 1/2 in the 5 day, and he is NOT a zombie!

William Stewart has 3 1/2 outta 4 in the 5 day at this point. A promising start, no doubt. Unfortunately, William IS the troops! Just like the men in gray, we just do not have enough replacements for the ones who have fallen and can't get up...Jim Mundy is playing in the 5 day U2000 section, but has been hit three times, only taking out two enemies...After a promising start, Hartley Chaing has taken a mini-ball to halt his charge...Serdar Ozdemir and Michael Easterwood are marching in place at 50%...while Ryan Moon has taken two to the gut...Daniel Gurevich, after taking a 1/2 pt bye, took another shot...Benjamin Moon, with only two draws and three losses, has fallen by the wayside...Oddo (please excuse me for the faux pas earlier when I wrote "Otto"...I must've been thinking about Warren Ott-job!) Fox has 1 1/2 in the U1800 5 day...I see that Evelyn Chen, who has trouble winning at the HOP has 3 1/2 in the U 1200 5 day! Go figure...Henry Moon, who drove the loaded van north, has a 3-2 score in the U1400 5 day. I'd like to see Henry have a real good final two days. I've gotta feeling that, of all the troops up there on the battlefield, he is the most deserving...Go Henry!

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