Saturday, July 19, 2008

At the Turn

Round 2 of the Peach State Open
Pohl 0-1 Christensen
Arnold 0-1 Francis
Johnson 0-1 Vest
Studen 1-0 Ashmun
King 1/2-1/2 Taylor
Millan 1/2-1/2 R Moon
Cuesta 1-0-Christianson

Bernat 1/2-1/2 Sohani
F Johnson 1-0 Lugonja
Bledsoe 1/2-1/2 Austin
Swaby 0-1 B Moon

Peatman 0-1 Shaw
E Francis 1-0 R Christianson
Zimmy 0-1 Atwa
De Credico 0-1 Gonzalez
Bukovics full pt bye

Benel 1-0 Garcia
Walker 0-1 Roberts
Mostafa 1-0 Chen
Steen 1-0 Khanin
Nichols full pt bye

Nikley 1-0 Rosenthal
Liu 0-1 Lane
Rishi Bagga 1-0 Chandraratna
Zhang 1-0 Rohan Bagga
Dan Justice 0-1 Robinson
Zofia De Credico 0-1 Zach Justice
Zhang 0-1 Ray
Hollins full pt bye

The Viktor Korchnoi of Southern chess, Klaus Pohl, questioned the pairing of him with his friend with whom he came, so I explained that, with such small sections, the pairings are hard wnough without making adjustments for buddies. Besides, I said, the Williams sisters don't complain about having to face each other at Wimbledon. "Yes" Klaus said, "But they play in the last round!"

Round 3
Christensen 1/2-1/2 Studen (an 8 move game, in which The Stud, with black, offered the draw! Wayne, ho is 53, accepted. Klaus said that Damir "Is not a fighter." Actually, Damir's problem is that he does not sleep at night! It makes me think of what Bobby Fischer said about a good noght's sleep being more important than all the theory!)
Vest 0-1 Pohl (two wiley ol' veterans going at it with neither giving an inch!)
Cuesta 0-1 King
Taylor 0-1 McMillan
R Moon 1-0 Arnold
Christianson full pt bye
Ben Francis 1/2 pt bye (had to attend a friend's graduation party, leaving his poor sister in the lurch!)
Bernat 1/2 -1/2 F Johnson
Austin 1/2-1/2 B Moon
Lugonja 0-1 Bledsoe
Sohani & Swaby 1/2 bye

Shaw 0-1 E Francis
Atwa 1-0 Bukovics
R Christianson 1-0 Pinky Peatman
De Credico 1/2-1/2 Zimmy
Gonzalez 1/2 pt bye

Roberts 1-0 Nichols
Garcia 0-1 Walker
Khanin 1/2-1/2 Mostafa
Chen full pt bye
Benal & Steen 1/2 pt bye

Lane 0-1 Nikley (Saint Nick is flying high!)
Rosenthal 1-0 R S Zhang
Robinson 0-1 Liu
Chandraratna 0-1 Ray
K J Zhang 1-0 De Credico
Hollins, both Bagga's, and both Justice's 1/2 pt byes

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