Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Twin Towers

We had 18 players for the TNF. The top half held serve in the first round, with Robert Steen pushing the Stud to the limit. James Stack let everyone know he was in the House with a win over Soloman Zelman in the second round. Meanwhile, High Plains Vest took out Justin Swaby; the Stud beat Zimmy; and Calvin Bomar beat Pinky Peatman, leaving 4 players with 2 points going into the last round. The match-ups were Vest-Bomar and Stack-Studen. On the second board, one of the Twin Towers, the Stud rejected Mr Stack's attempt at a slam-dunk. The other Twin Tower, H P Drifter, was somewhat wobbly, down a pawn in a Q+R endgame. But he did have a huge time advantage, as Calvin had only a minute and a half, to the Drifter's nine and a half minutes. The drifter kept the pressure on by creating threat after threat, but it was costing him plenty of time. At the end, the man from the High Plains could've taken a rook, but, would he get mated? He declined and took a pawn instead. That seemed to discombobulate Mr Bomar and he ran outta time. The Drifter was down to only 36 seconds! The exciting finish left the other Twin Tower, the High Plains Drifter standing tall!
On board 4, Richard Lin bested Pinky Peatman, who took the loss HARD. Ahmed Mostafa, with a point and a half going into the last round, missed his chance when Zimmy, with only one point, won. Mr Steen beat Bob Peatman in the last round, after winning from Evelyn Chen in round 2. The Twin Towers each won $25, while Steen and Lin split the under prize, taking home $12 each. James Stack, Calvin Bomar, and Samuel Zimmerman each took $3.50 from the House.
Calvin took his last round loss rather hard, leaving without getting paid. He is a serious player who keeps coming up just short. The HOP would like to thank Mr Bomar for becoming a full one-year member of the HOUSE! He has recently moved from Alabama, and is an Attorney at Law with Bomar & Phipps, llc. Nick Nikley also joined, for half a year, and Tianming Liu, who's son was not at the HOP tonight because he's in Thailand, upgraded his son's membership to a one year family membership! He lost to Mr Vest in the first round, drew with Mostafa in the second round, and beat Run-Xiang Guo in the final round. Although he did not win any money, Nick always has a good time! Although Mr Guo only won one game, from Woody, he gained the most points, 53. When your rating is 615, it's a little easier to gain points...Richard Lin gained 45 rating points and James Stack picked-up 20.
G/15 Wednesday! G/30 Quads Thursday! Peach State Open begins Friday! Be there or be square!

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