Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It was a dark and stormy Tuesday Night Fights

The skies were dark and ominous as a fierce wind howled outside; while the Weather Channel showed a massive blob of red moving our way. In spite of the foreboding weather, 24 players decided to enter the TNF! Miraculously, the storm seemed to blow past leaving us almost unscathed!
The Legendary Georgia Ironman rounded up his posse which enhanced the turn-out. Mr Brookshear spent the evening going over the games of not only his posse, but anyone who wanted! Tim purchased books and swapped tales with anyone who would listen. Tonight he was a virtual One Man Gang!
Rich Mielke left his wife down under and made his way to the HOP, bringing a Paul Kelly disc to 'rip' to boot. He made his presence felt in the very first round, as he drew with Ben Moon, rated 412 points higher! He beat Evelyn Chen in the second round. Tim Chu upset Joseph Moon in rd 2, to join the man from the High Plains, and the Peach State co-Champ, The Stud as the only players 2-0. Gautam Narula held the higher rated former Alabama chess champ, Calvin Bomar, to a draw; James Stack let everyone know he was in the House with a draw with the higher rated Spencer Bledsoe, who was fortunate to escape! James had to go to work, so could not play the last round, taking a half pt bye.
The Twin Towers were paired in the final round and came down smiling after the draw, putting them in the clubhouse with 2 1/2. They had to wait to see who would catch them. Calvin Bomar stopped Tim Chu's charge; Spencer Bledsoe, who's off to Russia late this week, brought GCA board member Mielke down to earth; and Narula upset Benjamin Moon, making it a 5-way tie for first! Each took home $13.
The under 1600 winners were John 'Mad Dog' Millett, who beat Richard Lin, both members of the 'posse; Pinky Peatman, who not only beat Charles Lu in rd 3 and Zachary Justice in the penultimate rd, but attended the Larry Stanfield chess camp all day! Bob Bassett upset Zimmy in the final round, and Christopher Roberts played the game of the round, winning versus Joseph Moon. Joe was white and had a large time advantage, with about 4 minutes to half a minute for Mr Roberts, and he seemed to have a positional advantage on the Queenside, as he had his rooks in oposition on b6 & a6, versus blacks rooks on b8 & a8, a unique position. He also had his Queen and black squared bishop threatening menacingly. As the moves continued to be made, Joe was using the time he had, while Christopher had to move on instinct. Mr Roberts got down to 9 seconds, while Joe still had over 3 minutes. Mr Moon's King was all alone on h2 and Mr Roberts managed to get his lone rook to a2. He tried to get his lady to the second rank, but was thwarted at every turn; but it was costing Joe time! Chris did the dipsy-doodle, got his Queen loose, and the next thing you know, Joe was tipping his king! Mr Roberts still had 4 seconds! He must've made ten moves in five seconds with the Chronos time delay. Christopher is also a member of the 'posse' and is helping the Ironman and the Drifter at their chess camp this week. It was very impressive how he held steady in such time pressure. I've seen older and stronger chess players come unglued in such situations. 'Mad Dog', Pinky, Bassett Hound, and Mr Roberts each won $8.50.
The under 1100 winners were Michael Wu, with his last round win over Daniel Justice; Charles Lu, with his first round bye; and Zachary Justice with his last round bye. Each won $6. Don't ask me why...
Tim Chu, with his 2090 PR had the biggest change, 29 points. Rich Mielke gained 20 for his efforts.
Wednesday night G/15! Thursday night G/30 Quads. Winner take all!!!
The House is trying to arrange a lecture and simul with FM Kazim Gulamali in the near future. For some time this was Kazim's second home. I still recall Oddo Fox calling Kazim the "little Grandmaster." One of the reasons he has become such a stong chess player is that he had a place to practice his game. I look around and wonder which of the 'posse' may follow in his footsteps? The fee will be $15 for members and $25 for non-members. Please express your interest by calling, sending an email, or, better yet, let us know IN PERSON!

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