Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The High Plains Drifter Hit The Pipe

Alan Piper called asking for the results of the PSO, so I gave told him to go to the BaconLOG. He came by after work to play in the G/15. I asked him what he thought of the BaconLOG and he said he thought I should just give the results. He is, obviously, a veritable Joe Friday. Hence, the title of this entry.
Spencer Bledsoe and James Stack filled out the quad and, as it turned out, form held true, as the higher rated player won every game! Mr Stack was rewarded with the 'Woody' for visiting the House, and taking lessons. As Bobby Fischer said, "Sometimes you give a lesson; sometimes you take one."
Richard James works as a guard in a prison and watches chess played all day. He said it makes him want to play "so bad" so he decided to visit the HOP. Darrell Spratling from Peoria, Il, here visiting family, came by, saying how wonderful it must be to have a fulltime chess House, as there's not much happening there. Big John Williams came to battle long-time foe, Oddo Fox. Mumtaz Yusef came by after calling and learning the Pipe was in the House. The Barbarian made a brief visit, catching a ride with Oddo.
The camp ended today. The wrap-up of the US Class on Chess Life Online informs that the lowest rated player in the class D section, Kyle Hecker, won and attributed his win to two chess camps he went to before this event. Let that be a lesson to the younger readers (and their parents!). There is no better way of improving than an intensive few days of total immersion in the Royal game!

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