Sunday, July 6, 2008

Update: We ain't got no stinkin' UPDATE!

Although the seventh round of the WO ended half a day ago, there has been no update on the wallcharts posted on the website. It's sad when these fans call to learn what's happening in Philly and I'm as clueless as they are...The only way to know what's happening is to either be there, or have someone with a cellphone call and give you the info...Which is, in this day and age of the 'puter, rather strange. I did notice that the top boasrds are on the Monroi site, though, which is a change for the better, I suppose. Unfortunately, without the results from round seven on some of the boards, it's difficult to follow the action. It's pitiful, really...
So I've spent my time watching the games from Dortmund and the "action" game between Short and Karjakin, which went into a bishops of opposite color ending that Nigel won! He lost the match, but it's fun to see the top GM's trot out an opening like the Falkbeer Counter-Gambit!
Some complain that the chess is not as good at a faster pace, and that's true, but...I recall reading that when Bobby Fischer trounched the competition at a speed tournament with all the top players, one of his opponents said it was amazing that if one played over the games and did not know that they were speed games, one would not have been able to tell. Fact is, these top GM's play better speed chess than most of us play at a traditional time limit!
We have a tournament for beginners today, to which I must attend...

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