Friday, July 4, 2008

Monroi don't work!

Trying to watch ches games on Monroi is frustrating. I don't know why anyone in their right mind would use the system when there are much better systems or why anyone would purchase one of the things!
At the moment the top board being displayed is board seven, with board ten the next board shown. Since the chesstour website is way behind in putting up the results, the only way to know how the tournament is progressing is to see who is playing on the top boards. We've got Mumtaz calling to try and find out how Kazim is doing when, since he knows that his son re-entered and we don't, he has more info than I!
I have tried following chess games on Monroi recently, each time telling myself that I won't do it again! At this very moment in the Bartholomew-Beccera game, after white's move twenty, the display shows the king on f3...after having moved from g1! The king moved like a knight! It would be funny, I suppose, if it were not so serious. I've seen pieces on top of each other too often to count...It's sad, really...

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