Wednesday, July 9, 2008

TNF 7/8/09

There was a field of 22 for the Tuesday Night Fights. Considering the fact that the HOP raised the EF for the first time ever (from $5 to $6 for members, and $10 for non-members), everything ran relatively smoothly. There were no upsets in the first round, as the top half scored the full point in all games. But Bob Bassett did, according to Damir, have a won game at one point. The top 3, High Plains Vest, Damir Studen, and Alan Piper each won to go to 2-0, and were joined by Spencer Bledsoe, #5 to begin. Calvin Bomar was nicked for a draw by Gautam Narula in round two, and Justin Swaby drew with James Stack(house), setting up a last round pairing of: Vest-Piper; Bledsoe-Studen; and on board three, each with 1 1/2 points were ten year old Swaby vs considerably older Calvin Bomar.
Piper ran his black king all the way to h3 trying to avoid the Drifter's white squared bishop and Queen, to no avail. Vest hit the Pipe! Spencer had a passed pawn in a rook endgame, but was very low on time. Damir showed his strength by actually winning another lost game, and he and the High Plains Drifter tied for first, winning $25 each.
Meanwhile, on board three, there was, as the Drifter is wont to say, "complete chaos." Justin had knights on h7 and h6, along with his Queen, and Calvin had his king in the middle of the board, along with a tremendous time advantage, as Swaby had only 8 seconds left on his Chronos. He must've made twenty moves with only 8 seconds left, because he still had 8 seconds left when Mr Bomar ran outta time! Remember the name, Justin Swaby. Just last week, before heading for the WO, Oddo Fox was singing the praises of this young fellow! Justin was alone in third, winning $12.
Bob Bassett drew with Nick Nikley in the last round, and they both finished with 1 1/2, tying for third with Tianming Liu, who had upset Farhad Paziraei, rated over 500 points higher than Liu, in round two. Mr Liu then took a 1/2 point bye in the last round, to also finish with 1 1/2. Those three each won $13.
Liu gained 50 points for his efforts, and Swaby gained 22. Farhad, who did not show for his last round game with Woody, and DID NOT TELL THE DIRECTOR, lost 36 points. NEVER, EVER, LEAVE WITHOUT INFORMING THE TD!
Do not forget: Wednesday night G/15...Thursday night Quads!!!
Be there or be square!

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