Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Stud and The Next Generation

With wins in both games on Sunday, Damir Studen and Alexander King finished with 4-1, a point ahead of the field, to win the Peach State Open! Youth will be served! The Stud beat Ben Francis, while Alex King, part of the confederacy of the next generation from Tennessee, bested Wayne Christensen. They took home $197 for their efforts. It was the first time The Stud has finished first in the open section at a weekend tournament at the House of Pain. It's easy to predict that it will not be the last! Ben and Wayne tied for third, with Ryan Moon, who took out Frank Ashmun, and the High Plains Drifter, won outlasted Oscar Cuesta, winning with a lone rook vs bishop as Oscar ran outta time! Each won $71. Charles McMillan drew with Klaus Pohl and they both finished at 50%, as did Paul Taylor, albeit with a last round full point bye.
In the U2000 section, Young David Bernat beat Ben Moon to take clear first with his score of 4-1, winning $142. Spencer Bledsoe overcame Frank Johnson, who was making his first appearence at the HOP in quite some time, while Sumit Sohani drew with John Austin to also finish with 3-2, both taking homwe $47.50. Frank, Ben, and Justin Swaby, with a last round full point bye, had 2 1/2 points.
In the U1800 secton Mohamed Atwa won both of his games today, beating Fast Eddie Shaw in the last round, to finish clear first with 4 1/2, winning $126.Emily Francis beat Richard De Credico in the last round to finish 4-1, taking home $95. Ryan Christianson, the lowest rated player going in, gained points with his last round victory over Refugio Gonzalez, finishing at +1.
Ron Benel, after taking a 1/2 pt bye in the third round, made it pay off as he won both games on Sunday, to go with his other two wins, finishing first with a score of 4 1/2, taking $126 from the HOP. A half point back was Christopher Roberts, who lost only to Ron. He won $95. Robert Steen finished +2, but had to console himself with the rating points he gained.
Man of the world, Nick Nikley, drew his last round game with Raymond Zhang, who finished with 3-2, to take clear first and $126 in the U1400 section. Nick is clearly ready to step-up into the C class! Kelly Hollins, with black, beat Riley Lane, who ended 3-2, while Rishi Bagga beat Jason Robinson, and David Rosenthal beat Tianming Liu, and all three finished 3 1/2-1 1/2 to win $53.
Mr Studen had a performance rating of 2288 and gained 9 points, while The King's PR was 2271, gaining 19 rating points. Mr Atwa actually played and drew with Frank Johnson in the U2000 in the first round, along with winning his section. Figuring in that game, his PR was 2056 and he gained about 50 points! Emily Francis had a PR of 1896, gaining 30 points and just getting ever stronger! Emily kinda reminds me of a wonderful young lady from the days when there were no female chess players, except her, Alison Bert. Ron Benel's PR was 1871 and he gained 74 points. The largest rating increase went to Patrick Ray, who drew with Daniel Justice in the last round to finish at 50%. He gained 218 points! But, when one is rated 423, the only way to go is up! His PR was 988.

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