Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Night Speed

Only twelve players turned out for the G/10 at the HOP. The Stud finished a full point ahead of Steve Csukas to win the top prize of $24, while Mr Csukas won $12. Samuel Zimmerman won the under prize of $18 even though he lost his last two games. Zimmy beat class "A" player Oscar Cuesta in round 5. Oscar won his first three games, including a win over the top rated Damir Studen in round three. He could've tied for second with a win in the last round, but he got hit with the Pipe(r). Finishing in clear third, with 4 1/2 points, was Spencer Bledsoe, won had to be content with a 13 rating point increase. Nick Nikley, with wins in his last two games, saw his quick rating increase by 33, while Zimmy saw his Q-rating go up by 17 points. Gautam Narula hit the Pipe(r) in the very first round, for the biggest upset of the evening, 296 points, but found the going ruff after that, finishing with 3 1/2 and even losing Q-points! Mention must be made of Bob Bassett, who gained 17 points, once again proving himself to be a tuff "filler."

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nnarula said...

HG Wells must have visited the HOP, becuase I am convinced that somewhere out in some nook out there there is a time machine. How else can one explain that Mike Bacon wrote his blog in his usual witty style at 8:28 pm when the tournament which he discusses finished after 10 pm.
Now if MB would let me know the NCAA football scores an hour and a half before the game is over, and the phone numbers of a few of those well heeled London bookies, we would all be happy!
Nah, we are not that lucky, darned blogspot server is on the West coast!