Sunday, July 13, 2008

No Maytag repairman tonight

In spite of the rain we had a dozen through the door today! Tom Martin came by a stayed for hours playing chess. Charles Curry III paid a visit, buying a book and a copy of the award winning GEORGIA CHESS. The cousins, Doug and Dan Cox came to do battle with each other. One is a proud new Papa! Big John came to do battle with long-time Foxy opponent, Oddo. James Stack was in the House, as were the Mouth and the Barbarian. Tom Cooper stopped by for a short time. Although it was not quite like the old days, it's getting there!
So far this month we have had , count 'em, 13 players purchase memberships, showing their support for the HOP! Dennis Brian purchased a full adult membership, which is the same price as it was when the place opened in the early 90's. Can you say that about anything else? It truly is CHEAP AT TWICE THE PRICE! Oddo Fox made a quarter payment on a full membership. James Johnson and Nick Nikley joined for half a year. Woody obtained a 3 mo membership. Alan Piper is a member for the next month. Seven juniors purchased one year memberships: David Bernat; Spencer Bledsoe; Richard Lin; Karthik Srinivasan; Justin Swaby; Shawn Zhu; and Zimmy!
The center appreciates the support shown by one and all!
Those expiring this month include: David Carr; B. Crawford; The Hollins Family; Abdul Kahn; Eric Lu; G. Narula Jr; and Jarvis Schweibenz.
GCA officials who are not members include: Rich Mielke; Jim Mundy; Colin Potts; Steve Schneider; and Germaine Schweibenz.
Look for the ACC Club Championship, for members only, coming soon! It's time to give some serious consideration to becoming a member of the House of Pain!

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