Saturday, July 19, 2008

PSO round 1, part 2

We now have a total of 56 players for the PSO! More than double decided to play a truncated round 1 at a time limit of G/90.
In the Open section the Viktor Korchnoi of Southern chess, Klaus Pohl (2227) beat Ryan Moon (2096) with black on board 1; Ben Francis (2218) beat the current Ga Senior champ, Oscar Cuesta (1962); Paul Taylor (1868) drew with The Sleepy Stud (2195); and Wayne Christensen (2100) beat Michael Christiansen (1839).
This morning we had an U2000 section! Mohamed Atwa (1741) drew with Frank Johnson (1940) on the top board; Ben Moon (1830) was upset by Sumit Sohani (1725); Justin Swaby (1645) lost to David Bernat (1804); with former state co-champ John Austin taking a bye.
In the U1800 Refugio Estrada Gonzalez (1677) was beaten by Emily Francis (1710); Fast Eddie Shaw (1710) took out Richard De Credico (1617); and Ryan Christianson (1537) upset Zimmy! (1703).
The U1600 saw Christopher Roberts (1507) win against Ahmed Mostafa (1372) and Evelyn Chen lose to Jonathan Walker (1435).
In the U1400 section Black won on all boards, a rare sight, indeed! The match-ups were: Daniel Justice (1088)-Nick Nikley (1328); Patrick Ray (432)-David Rosenthal (1034); Zachary Justice (932)-Kelly Hollins (1148); Bohan Bagga (1127)-Tianming Liu (918); and Zsofia Decredico (492)-Rishi Bagga (1108).
Round two is under way!

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