Wednesday, August 20, 2008

HP Drifter and The Lilliputians

High Plains Vest out-rated the second seed, Soloman Zelman, by almost 500 points, so it will come as no surprise that he won the TNF 3-0; taking home $26. Tied for second were the Z-men, Zelman & Zimmerman. Each won his first 2 games then took a half pt bye and took home $14. In all, six players took the bye and went home early. Carter Peatman won two of the three games he played and all he had to show for it is a rating increase of 5 points...Jonathan Choi, Tianming Liu, and his son, Shawn Zhu each won one and lost one before leaving early and tied for the under prize. Each won $5.35. The big winners, rating wise, were the aforementioned Liu & Zhu, with Shawn gaining a whoppong 51 points, and his father 37. I watched Shawn, who is only 7, analyzing his game with Zimmy and all I can say is that he has unlimited potential. Remember the name.
Of the 14 paying players, it was good to see Ananya Roy in the House! Walter Gordon, Sr & Jr, came all the way from Locust Grove!

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