Friday, August 15, 2008

Rise of the Barbarian

Fourteen speed demons came to the House for the Friday Night "Speed Kills" G/10. The Stud was the top-rated player at 2086, ranging down to Drew Matthew Malott (753). Damir won the tournament, but he had company at the top, having to share with none other than Andrew Bryant (1758), who played some real BARBARIAN chess! In the fourth round of seven he drew with the #1 seed, followed that with wins vs #3 Steve Csukas (1879), and #2 Alan Piper (1960)! He still had to beat Thomas Dupuis (1661) in the last round to take the money. The winners each took home $21. Samuel Zimmerman won his last two games, vs Anthony Amante (1627), and Mr Csukas, to finish with 4 1/2 points and take the under 1650 prize, winning $20! Nick Nikley finished at 50% to take the under 1500 prize of $10.The Barbarian gained a whopping 47 speed points, followed closely by Zimmy, who gained 42. St Nick advanced by 36.

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