Monday, August 4, 2008

New books and Batgirl

The House has a new shipment of books and software, including the new CHESSBASE 10, NIC 87, and Informant 101!
Received a call from our rep to the Denker tournament in hot Dallas just before his third round game with Scott Low, which, as it turns out, he lost. He won his next game to go 3-1, and is tied for 5-10. Mr Low is the only player 4-0. Damir's next opponent will be Julian W Landaw 2305, from California.
Received an email from Spencer Bledsoe who is in Russia! He writes: "Unfortunately I have found finding a chess game just as difficult here as in Atlanta, as it is uncommon for people to play on the streets. I am on a group tour, however, and ironically there is a pretty strong (rusty 2100) American on it as well. We have a match going that is 1.5-1.5, but I have winning chances in our most recent game which we had to adjourn."
Proving that if you seek a chess game, you will find...
I have recently found an outstanding chess site: I urge you to check it out if you have not done so as yet! I discovered some wonderful articles there and have only scratched the surface! One of the first things that caught my attention was an article by Batgirl. Her latest blog entry is Georgia on my Mind
She is a chess historian and seems to be confused by who is and who is not a former Georgia champion. This will give me another chance to get in touch with her, after I do some research!

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